Mount Vernon Truxtun Defender Bowl

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George Washington's Defender punch bowl links the American Revolution, the merchant marine, and the infant United States Navy. Made of Chinese export porcelain in 1795, it was custom-decorated in China for Captain Thomas Truxtun (1755-1822), who presented it to President Washington.

During the American Revolutionary War, Truxtun operated as a daring privateer. His success at capturing enemy ships prompted Washington to toast his services as equal to those of a regiment. In 1786, Truxtun commanded the Canton, one of the finest American ships to engage in trade with China. President Washington, perhaps referring to a second voyage, wrote on May 6, 1792, of a "return from the East-Indies which is expected to be sometime next Spring, or Summer".

The inside of the bowl features a 44-gun frigate, originally drawn for Truxtun by naval architect Josiah Fox. To honor Washington's service as Commander-in-Chief, Truxtun had the word "DEFENDER" painted below the ship. The blue and gold border was a standard decoration on bowls stocked by the china merchants of the time.

Mount Vernon fine porcelain replica Truxtun bowl is 10" in diameter and 4" in height. Enclosed is a provenance card.

Through the courtesy of a private owner, George Washington's original Truxtun Defender Bowl is currently on display at Mount Vernon.

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